People visit the city of Frankfurt for its subtle nature and simple pleasures. One of the best ways to experience the rich culture and history of the city is to embark on a walking tour. Not many cities in the world offer such a great opportunity. People who book a vacation do not want to sit on their bums all the time and experience life from afar. This great way of going around to witness some of the most historically significant places in time attracts a big crowd.

 Many people are under the impression that a walking trip to some old buildings is boring or not interesting. The case is quite contrary; people who have yet to experience this simple pleasure in life find it quite a unique and fun-filled experience. There are many great museums in the city of Frankfurt that are found in literary references. The lovers of books cannot help but gasp with astonishment when they are able to walk and enter these monuments in person. 

Let the Tour Begin 

With proper planning, any holiday activity can be fun. Therefore, it is best to note some important points about the trip before learning it from other places. The original organizers of the on a foot tour of Frankfurt are the German officials. There are a lot of companies who outsource the booking space. However, these parties charge more for booking to make a 20% commission. Therefore, it is best to book directly and save a pretty penny for the road. The charges are so negligible and there are also some variations given as under:

  1. Grown-ups: 14 €.
  2. Military personal, students, and Senior citizens: 12 €.
  3. For kids under the age of 12 years, the tour is free.
  4. The Inhabitants of the 5 Elements Hostel: 10 €. (The key card verification is necessary)
  5. The Rick Steve’s Germany book holders get a 1 euro special discount as well.

There are not just cold facts learned by the guides but the people are allowed to ask as many questions as possible. The tourists who are visiting their dreamed places for the first time are allowed to take pictures and gaze at the wonders of history as long as they want. A schedule for the staying time is provided in writing and also announced. The people are free to follow the guide or roam around at their leisure. Most people prefer to follow-up on the whole trip since one place is connected to the other. 

More technical details of the tour would come later for now the best course is to embark on the main stops of the tour:

  1. Roemer and Roemerplatz: The first stop of the tour begins from the grand city hall and the old town square. People love to enjoy the span of this ancient place that has been standing strong since 1405.
  2. Book Burning Memorial: Another point of interest of the people is the Nazi book burning spot. Most tourists have a lot of myths about this place which are cleared by the guides.
  3. Alt Nikola Church: This house of worship has been serving the Gothic community since 1209. People are fascinated by its old yet durable architecture. 
  4. Wertheim House: This is the only residential unit that was able to survive the atrocities of the Second World War.  
  5. Eisener Steg: A pedestrian cross made with bricks and mortar. The view from here is worth every click and makes for a refreshing walk across the cozy river bank.
  6. St. Bartholomew: The place where many monarchs took oaths and performed their coronation ceremonies. Many people also regard this place as the Kaiser Dom imperial Cathedral. There are many popular culture references made about this historical place.
  7. Karmeliter Cloister: This is the place that is given importance like Michael Angelou’s Creation of Adam in German society. The central art piece here is the infamous Jorge Ratgeb’s wall paintings of the northern alp regions. The painting is still preserved from its original date in the 1500s. 
  8. Stolper Steine: This place often attracts a lot of controversies and is rumored to be haunted by ghosts of its victims. In any case, the place is a reminder of the cruelties of the Nazi Germany regime.
  9. The Holocaust Memorial Wall: This place serves as a vigil or memorial for the 12,000 genocide victims of the World War II Nazi campaign. Famous literary personalities like Anne, Edith, and Margot Frank are included among the deceased. 
  10. Ghetto Wall of Jewish Segregation: A wall that has been standing for centuries and it even served as the defense tool for a long time. It was built in the 1180s and later was used as a border for the Jewish ghetto. 
  11. The Klein Markt Halle: This point is added deliberately to wash off the gloom of the previous stops. The place is a hustling and bustling market. The tourists who have worked up an appetite by now can purchase refreshing fruits and shop for later as well.
  12. Hauptwache: The next stop is the famous Frankfurt landmark. People with a good memory can remember the roads with its help.
  13. Frankfurt Stock Exchange: Also called “The Bull and Bear.” Tourists can get a firsthand view of the financial brawl of the city. It beats the Knight collision from the coliseum. 
  14. The Eschehiemer Turm: One of the important defense relics from the Great World Wars. It worked as a guard tower.
  1. Paulskirche: After making a small stop at the Alte Opre Opera Theater and the residence of the infamous literary personality Geothe. The tour comes to an end at the Old German Parliament house from 1848. 


Another important aspect to know about the tour is that the entire guides are local English speakers. It is done to make sure that no tourists are left out of the fun. 

The guides are not only well versed about the historical importance of the place but they also know the best places to shop and dine. The style of the tour is relaxed and filled with a lot of humorous references. The guides are trained to work hard for keeping the tour information authentic yet refreshing. The rendezvous point for the tour is Braubachstrasse 41 just across the Binding Schrin Café. Tour starts at 10:00 in the morning. For further details here are the contact details of the conductors: