The city of Frankfurt is often known for its cultural heritage and historical importance. However, the Nightlife Places in Frankfurt of the city is quite popular among the locals and the foreign crowds. The young crowds of the city become alive in the night time and light up the entire city with their partying and tramping. Since Frankfurt tries to accommodate all types of visitors and tourists there are a lot of ranges depending upon the expenditure capacity of the group. 

The town is filled with small yet luxurious places that start to sparkle during nighttime and become invisible in the day. When it comes to types of places, the varieties and options are countless. People can go for a wild night out with a big group of friends or they can chill with their better halves depending upon the personal preference. There are many cafes, small take-out restaurants, and wine bars that are open for the entire night. Here are some of the best nighttime hangouts of the largest cosmopolitan city of the EU.

The Top Night Hangout Spots at Frankfurt

The Kinly Bar: 

Starting the list with a famous cocktail bar of the city called the Kinly bar. People from all over the world come to pay a visit to the wondrous place that has offers a lot of shock and awe value. The bar is always jam-packed with people who are there for the drinks. The menu at first seems limited but the real charms of the place are the bartenders. The staff reads the people like books and makes perfect recommendations for their drinks. From first-time visitors to the aged and experienced drinkers, everyone becomes an equal fan of the cocktails that are served. The house specials are always amazing and the bartenders even mix drinks that are not present on the menu. For the night-time drinkers, this place can be a perfect fix.

Long Island Summer Lounge:

In the center of Frankfurt city, the famous stock exchange place turns into a big rooftop bar. The place is fairly posh and the investors who have big money trades in the stocks are mostly the guests here. The crowd in the Long Island Summer Lounge is the upper crest. The attendees are in glimmering designer dresses and done expensive watches and jewelry. Getting a ticket inside is not very easy for the common people. The environment is more restaurants like however, the drinks are posh and bottomless. This is an ideal place for networking and having a good time with coworkers.

Lufthansa First Class Lounge:

The Airport of Frankfurt is not exempted from the night-time activities. One of the top places to be in the first-class lounge of Lufthansa. The people who are traveling in the business class are able to flex their tired muscles and spend a relaxed time in the spacious lounge. There is the facility of office cubicles and also resting rooms for the people who are jet-lagged. The passengers do not have to go through the torture of traveling to a restaurant again when they can simply stay in the first-class lounge until they feel better. The bar gives a luxurious feel and opens for the booked passengers. The collections of drinks are handpicked and most suitable for the people who visit here. The people who are tired from waiting or traveling can rest their feet on the comfortable seats that are plenty. The serene and quiet environment is great to get some work done or get a good night’s sleep after a long flight.


The bar that is called Gibson is one of the most famous nightclubs in the Frankfurt main area. The crowd who are allowed to enter here needs to don designer stuff or something that can make an impression on the doorman. On Thursdays, the nightclub is jam packed with people who are getting off from work and coming here in the group to chill out. There are many people who come directly here from work without even changing. The music is loud and the place is quite spacious. Sometimes, the entire place is booked for big corporate events which can be a bummer. The drinks cost lesser considering the young crowd that frequent here. However, the people who are looking for good cocktails are also not disappointed.

Gekko Bar:

Here is a bar on the list that is one of the top picks of the locals. The place is high end and posh without a doubt. People come here in search of loud music and fancy drinks. There are no such things as happy hour. The crowd here belongs to the upper crest and most people do not get an entry without a reservation or a reference. Despite everything, the place is always brimming with a big crowd. The infamous bartending staff has won several mixed awards. The people who know their liquor come here to enjoy their favorite blends. Others who are fond of music want to jam to the famous DJs of the Frankfurt whole night. This place is great for the young crowds who have the energy to stay awake for the whole night.

Weinkellerei Dünker:

On the main street of Frankfurt, there is a hidden wine bar that is open only at night time. During the weekends this place is closed for business at 3 AM. The people who are fond of finding their way into an actual war bunker or a wine cellar would love the experience. The wine hails from Germany as well as other neighbouring regions. The only downside is the smoking room, which finds its way into the main area since the entire place is located underground. For the people of acquired tastes, this place can be a fun addition to the Nightlife Places in Frankfurt activity list.


The city of Frankfurt never sleeps. In the day time, people work and enjoy places like museums Nightlife Places in Frankfurt and Sunday markets. On the other hand, a whole new world comes to life in the night-time. There are so many more options like cruises, clubs, sports bars, and the list never ends. Everyone can find a place where they can chill among their crowd.